automate your finances

We are passionate about personal finance, and we’re eager to help you automate your finances so that you can worry less about money and more about living your life!

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Never pay for a flight again

The ultimate guide to finding and booking free flights. We’ll teach you the travel hacks and skills that we have used to save over $75,000 on business class flights!

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personal and career growth

We created a digital store to provide you with premium and (practically) free products focused on job & resume preparation, entrepreneurship, and personal growth.

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support our youtube

Through Patreon, you can directly support each video we publish on YouTube to keep the adventures coming. If you prefer PayPal, here's our link :) Thank you!

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get the best credit cards

Through our link below, you can check out the best credit cards within several different categories, so you can find the card that works best for you personally.

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get $40 of airbnb credit

We love Airbnb’s flexibility and the authentic local experience it provides. Sign up using our link below. You'll get $40, and we'll get $20 after your first stay. Win-win.

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read the blog

If you like any of the tips and secrets we share over there, feel free to support our work by signing up for any credit card using our referral links.  

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Get $25 off accommodation

When we aren’t booking through Airbnb, our second website to check is Booking. You can get a $25 cash reward toward your next booking using our link below!

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let’s be better friends

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