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Good Morning America

This couple is traveling the world for free using 2 million banked airline miles

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Business Insider

This couple is traveling the world for free

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New York Post

Couple claims they flew business class to 40 countries for free

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Dieses Paar macht eine Weltreise in der Business Class - komplett umsonst

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This couple is traveling the world for free using 2 million banked airline miles


Wall Street couple's 'living rich' hacks

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Daily Mail

Couple who earned 2 million airline travel points...

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A couple that earned 2 million points of travel on an airline by signing up for 42 credit cards travel the world

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6abc TV

New York couple travels the world for free, using credit card bonus points

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Dieses Paar macht (fast) kostenloss eine Weltreise - und so geht’s!

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Yahoo Finance

How 2 Young Travel Hackers Booked 40 Flights for Free

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The Sun

Couple reveal how they are flying business class to 40 countries for FREE

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Travel Rewards Bucket List: Visit 40 Countries on 2 Million Points

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Travel Rewards Hacking Made Simple

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Barstool Sports

This article is a funny one :)

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Gear Junkie

Frequent Flier Miles: How to 'Travel Hack' Around the World