About us

We are Hannah and Chad! We are just a twenty-something-year-old couple with a passion to explore our beautiful world. No learning is better than when you are experiencing it for yourself. 

We are self-proclaimed minimalists. We believe that by not focusing on material things, we are able to focus on experiences. PLUS we have more money to DO things rather than to BUY things. We decided that we would much rather accumulate memories than stuff.

We started our careers in New York City, where Chad soon realized his passion wasn't investment banking but travel hacking. We spent all of our vacation days getting to places like Mexico, Italy, France, South Africa, Switzerland, and Iceland for FREE. It was awesome. Then it hit him...he could teach others to do the same. On top of his 80-100 hour work weeks, Chad spent 20-40 more hours each week making it happen. Since this fire sparked in him he has created two mini bootcamp courses (free travel & personal finance), a free email service, and an ENTIRE web-based app that includes a free flight search engine and a video course to help you become a bomb travel hacker. We quit our jobs in NYC to focus full-time on helping others travel more often and for free... while also personally traveling to over 40 countries for free using our own 2 million points. Now, you could say we're YouTubers. 

I've been fortunate enough throughout my life to travel to many countries. My family didn't really spend much on stuff, but we tried our best to experience new cultures and places every year. However, my excitement for travel first developed during a study-abroad in Israel my sophomore year of college. I loved the local foods and culture, and the extended time I spent in the Middle East helped me develop a love for these people. Little vacations are great, but I found that extended time hanging out with and learning from the locals helped me grow as an individual and learn to love unconditionally.    

We love this planet and the people on it. We are grateful for the opportunity to see it with our own eyes and hope that you will have the opportunity as well.